Have you ever visited the Villány Wine Region? If not, then now is the best occasion to do so, if yes, then we can guarantee that you will get to know the wine region from a completely new aspect after arriving at our family hotel. Guests do not come to only stay at us, but also to discover the beauties of the Wine Region in the company of our guest-loving colleagues and the family members managing the hotel, furthermore, of other joyful guests. Real entertainment is a social experience, isn’t it?

What kind of programmes do we offer for you? Wine dinners and wine tastings at our cosy cellar restaurant; discovery wine tours in the small villages of the Villány Wine Region; excursions on the secret paths of the Villány Mountains and the vineyards, with an unmatched view; sightseeing at local sights (e.g. Zsolnay Quarter, Citycenter of Pécs, Siklós Castle), or wellness in the local spas (Thermal Spa Siklós, Thermal Bath of Harkány).