Have you ever visited the Villány Wine Region? If not, then now is the best occasion to do so, if yes, then we can guarantee that you will get to know the wine region from a completely new aspect after arriving at our family hotel. Guests do not come to only stay at us, but also to discover the beauties of the Wine Region in the company of our guest-loving colleagues and the family members managing the hotel, furthermore, of other joyful guests. Real entertainment is a social experience, isn’t it?

What kind of programmes do we offer for you? Wine dinners and wine tastings at our cosy cellar restaurant; discovery wine tours in the small villages of the Villány Wine Region; excursions on the secret paths of the Villány Mountains and the vineyards, with an unmatched view; sightseeing at local sights (e.g. Zsolnay Quarter, Citycenter of Pécs, Siklós Castle), or wellness in the local spas (Thermal Spa Siklós, Thermal Bath of Harkány).


During a visit to Villány a wine-tasting in a real cellar is an indispensable programme to which the rustic cellar of our hotel provides a perfect venue. Taste the award-winning wines of Villány of Mokos Winery, one of the most dynamically developing family wineries of the Villány Wine Region! At the wine tasting our winemaker or sommelier presents in person the wines of Villány made by us and stored in the wine safe.

Cellar-visiting tour in Villánykövesd

Discover the most beautiful Cellar-row of the Villány Wine Region! Within the framework of this programme our guests have an opportunity to visit the cellars of the family wineries of Villánykövesd. During the cellar-visiting tour we go to see hundreds of years old cellars covered with cobwebs and preserved in their original condition. Our guests can get to know the producers and taste their wines.

Pleasure-harvest with Mokos Winery

Would you like to have fun with your friends during an autumn wine tour? Come to Villány Wineregion, and visit the premises of Mokos  Winery. Here you can find the place where the grapes and fruits are grown from which the wonderful wines of Villány and the special premium fruit wines of the winery are produced. If you feel like, you can even harvest some grape, and you can press must from the grapes harvested by yourself on the spot!

Wine dinner at Mokos Winery

If you are interested how food and wine can be matched, and you would like to have a high-quality gastronomic experience, participate in one of our wine dinner programmes with your friends. During our gourmet wine dinner you have an opportunity to try a gourmet menu with matching wine  (from the offer of Mokos Winery)!

Visiting the Premises of the Mokos Family Winery

Are you interested where and how the succulent red wines and dessert fruit wines of Mokos Winery are made? Come and visit the premises of our family winery in Palkonya, and discover the place where the grapes grow from which our excellent wines are produced. During the visit we show you the way of the wine from the grapevines right to the bottle.  You can also visit our vineyards and our cellar.

Cabernet-Vylyan tour

Vylyan Winery, on the other side of Fekete-hegy, is only 1-1.5 hours or on foot 3-4 kms away from Villánykövesd. Stay at Hotel Cabernet, or have lunch in our Cellar restaurant, so, if you happen to visit Vylyan Winery, no one has to stop drinking wine. Come to the tour with us, admire the protected wildlife of Fekete-hegy and the unmatched view onto Palkonya, Villánykövesd and the fish ponds!

Horse-carriage ride with pálinka-tasting

If you feel like visiting the area sitting on a horse-carriage and you like good homemade pálinka, then this is an ideal programme for you and your friends. Enjoy the wonderful landscape, the fresh air, the rythmic beats of horseshoes, and do not worry even about the autumn-winter weather – you will not be cold, we can guarantee it! 100 % fruit with a large dose of joy – this is how pálinkas from Palkonya can be best described.

Fruit wine tasting

Good wine can be made not only from grapes but also from other fruits. If you have not yet tasted our sour cherry, apricot, plum or blackberry specialties, then this is the perfect opportunity! Come and visit Villánykövesd, and taste the fruit wines of our family winery, Mokos Winery, in our cosy cellar restaurant. Most of our fruit wines are sweet, but lovers of dry wines can also be pleasantly surprised.

Wine trips across the Villány Wine Region

Are you planning a visit to the Villány Wine Region? Then you surely wish to get to the most famous and best wineries or to those with the longest tradition, or you would like to get insight into the life of the wine region. Come and discover the secrets of the Villány Wine Region with its experienced tour guides, and get to know the many faces of it.

Vince Day in the Villány Wine Region

It is an old tradition of winemakers to predict the richness of harvest based on the weather of Vince day and the condition of pruned Vince twigs. On this day winemakers were walking from one cellar to another blessing and tasting one another’s wine. It is not a secret that the programme series leading from Tenkes-hegy across Siklós and Kisharsány to Villány is aimed to make Vince day a living, common wine region tradition again.

Boat trip on the Drava

Take a tour on one of the most romantic and cleanest rivers of Hungary, on the Drava. In the previous decades the very vicinity of the Drava was not permitted to be visited because of the closeness of the border, this way the values of nature remained intact. Danube-Drava National Park reveals the wonder of untouched nature to its visitors.

Lane-running in Palkonya

Come to the Lane-running in Palkonya and get to know this gem village of the Villány Wine Region, Palkonya and the neighbouring vineyards where local wines are produced; St. Bertalan Chapel, Weingarten lane, the vineyards of the Mokos and Vylyan premises and some sections of the Kék tour (Blue tour). All these during an exciting and mesmerising lane-running. The route can, of course, be taken walking or touring, as well.

Gastronomic picnic in Palkonya (HÚ!SVÉT)

Two week after Easter Stylish Countryside Restaurants, mansions, monument cellars and family wineries are heartily preparing to cherish their guests with good wine, fine-dining snacks, oven and grilled meals, homemade cookies and programmes. The place of the two-day culinary walk, the springtime gastronomic picnic and family programmes is the most beautiful village of the Villány Wine Region, one-street Palkonya!

Hiking on Szársomlyó-hill

Has the question: ″But where are the vineyards here?″ ever come to your mind? Well, if you are interested in the answer, take part in the guided tour organised by the Danube-Drava National Park. As Szársomlyó is a (highly protected) nature reserve, it can only be visited with guidance. Among the more than 70 protected plant species growing here Hungarian Colchicum is possibly the most well-known botanical curiosity of the hill. From the top of the hill there is a wonderful view onto the vineyards of Villány and the fisheries of Palkonya.

Harkány Thermal Spa

Both in winter and summer everyone has the right to relax and cherish themselves after tiring working days. In Harkány Thermal Spa you can not only fill yourself up with energy for the long and dark winter days, but you can also preserve your health thanks to the healing effect of water.

Siklós Castle

Visit Siklós Castle, one of the best preserved medieval historical monuments in Southern Transdanubia! The Castle is a perfect place for arranging summer open-air theatre and other cultural programmes, as well.

Fishing at the fishing ponds of Palkonya

Silence, calmness and clean air…. and of course, fishing equipment! Plus a fishing pond. Lovers of fishing do not even need more. From the fishing ponds of Palkonya there is a wonderful view onto the village and the unique church with a dome. If you desire perfect and peaceful relaxation, this programme is absolutely conceived for you! The fishing pond of the Villány Wine Region with the most beautiful view only awaits you! Enjoy all the pleasure of fishing in a picturesque environment, at the ponds of Palkonya!

Sound therapy meditation

Healing with sounds has a long tradition, and anyone can feel that certain sounds or tunes touch them especially deeply. We heartily present Koshi, an authentic, handmade musical instrument, to everyone interested. It was originally made at the foot of the Pyrenees. The sound of Koshi reminds us of chimes.  The crystallic, relaxing soundscape takes you to the world of wonders.  It fills you up, chills you out, and makes your everyday life more harmonious. Come and try it at Hotel Cabernet!

Wine tasting with chocolate tasting

Do you also like sweets and good wines? If so, then it is a must for you to participate in this programme.  Come and visit Villánykövesd, and try the succulent red wines and dessert fruit wines of our family winery (Mokos Pincészet) with special chocolates matching them.  Chocolates are made and harmonised by the confectioner of Cabernet Wine Restaurant, in cooperation with our vintner, so that the harmony of flavours can be as perfect as possible.

Red Wine Festival of Villány

The Red Wine Festival of Villány is organised at the first weekend of October every year, this is one of the most grandiose events of the wine region during the year. There is no lack of programme opportunities during the harvest days. In the name-giving settlement of the wine region stages await visitors at several places, musical and dancing programmes make the event even more colourful.

Cellar-row of Villánykövesd

Discover the most beautiful cellar-row of the Villány Wine Region! As if time had stopped…ancient, cobwebbed cellars, warm-hearted, open wine growers, family legends. Here wines are not made on a production line, and it is no use looking for them on supermarket shelves! Fekete-hegy floating in the fog, timeless peace and a glass of wine. It is worth slowing down a bit in Villánykövesd.

The lookout tower of Templom-hegy, Ammonites nature trail

While cycling/walking towards Villány it is worth stopping for a walk on the ammonites nature trail starting 500 m away from the train station of Villány. On the top of Templom-hegy (Church-hill) a lookout tower was also built, so even the view itself is an attractive aim for a walk (about 45-60 minutes).

Sights to visit in Palkonya

Palkonya, the one-street village of southern Baranya county has preserved the architectural culture of the German winegrowers made to settle down here in the 18th century to this day. The most famous monument group of the village is the cellar-row consisting of 53 presses covering the hillside. After having paid tribute to culture and visited all the wonderful monuments of Palkonya, you deserve gastronomic cherishing, as well. Drop by our place for a glass of wine in Palkonya, Mokos Winery heartily awaits you!

Batthyány Cellar – Winecathedral in Villánykövesd

Among the many cellars in the Villány Wine Region , – registered as architectural values – excells the arrangement of the Batthyány Cellar resembling a single nave church. The unfolding view, the huge space framed with barrels has a fascinating effect on everyone.

Shrine of Máriagyűd

If you are in Siklós, do not skip visiting the shrine of Máriagyűd. Serenity and peace flow out of this wonderful place…Máriagyűd is suitable for calming down and paying attention to our inner voice.

Sculpture Park of Nagyharsány

In the abandoned stone mine of Szársomlyó-hegy sculptors have been working from 1967 whose experiments well overpassed the possibilities of public place sculpture of that time. The mine bay full of non-figurative sculptures provides a touching view.  Most of the sculptures were made from grey limestone from Nagyharsány and Beremend. The cultural and art historical significance of the Sculpture Park lies in the fact that it was here where sculptors had an opportunity to freely experiment for the first time in Hungary.

Wine Museum of Villány

The Wine Museum of Villány awaits those who would like to get to know the history of the Villány Wine Region, the evolution and the most important means of grape growing and wine making all year. The building used to be once the press of the world-famous grape breeder, Teleki Zsigmond.

Ancient Drava Visitors’ Centre

14 kms away from the Villány Wine Region, near Szaporca, the Ancient Drava Visitors’ Centre presenting the natural values and traditions of Ormánság can be found. It awaits visitors with an interactive exhibition, a farm, nature trails and various programmes providing entertainment for all age groups.

Djami of Malkoch Bey

Besides the castle, the other excelling sight of Siklós is the 16th-century Turkish church. It was opened to visitors in 1994 and it has been operating according to its original function to this day, but it is also an ethnographical exhibition hall. The installation of the church – carpets, tin and copper objects – was given to the town by the Ethnographical Museum of the Turkish State.

Thermal Spa Siklós

The thermal spa of Siklós located in a unique natural and historical environment near Siklós Castle can provide lots of experiences. The interior of the spa is extraordinarily imposing, the colourful bastions surrounding the pools symbolise the secure walls of the castle. Inside the bastions various experiences: massage, effervescent bath, Turkish bath and slides await visitors!

Sightseeing in Pécs

Did you know that the monorail which stops in front of our hotel takes you to Pécs in half an hour? The train journey is exciting itself, and Pécs is definitely worth visiting once you are nearby. Thanks to its 2000 year-old historical heritage, ethnic traditions and its almost Mediterranean climate it is one of the most colourful and exciting cities of Hungary. Lengthen your stay in the Villány Wine Region by 1 night and visit Pécs!