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Vince Day in the Villány Wine Region

It is an old tradition of winemakers to predict the richness of harvest based on the weather of Vince day and the condition of pruned Vince twigs. On this day winemakers were walking from one cellar to another blessing and tasting one another’s wine. It is not a secret that the programme series leading from Tenkes-hegy across Siklós and Kisharsány to Villány is aimed to make Vince day a living, common wine region tradition again.

Lane-running in Palkonya

Come to the Lane-running in Palkonya and get to know this gem village of the Villány Wine Region, Palkonya and the neighbouring vineyards where local wines are produced; St. Bertalan Chapel, Weingarten lane, the vineyards of the Mokos and Vylyan premises and some sections of the Kék tour (Blue tour). All these during an exciting and mesmerising lane-running. The route can, of course, be taken walking or touring, as well.

Gastronomic picnic in Palkonya (HÚ!SVÉT)

Two week after Easter Stylish Countryside Restaurants, mansions, monument cellars and family wineries are heartily preparing to cherish their guests with good wine, fine-dining snacks, oven and grilled meals, homemade cookies and programmes. The place of the two-day culinary walk, the springtime gastronomic picnic and family programmes is the most beautiful village of the Villány Wine Region, one-street Palkonya!