Cabernet-Vylyan tour

Vylyan Winery, on the other side of Fekete-hegy, is only 1-1.5 hours or on foot 3-4 kms away from Villánykövesd. Stay at Hotel Cabernet, or have lunch in our Cellar restaurant, so, if you happen to visit Vylyan Winery, no one has to stop drinking wine. Come to the tour with us, admire the protected wildlife of Fekete-hegy and the unmatched view onto Palkonya, Villánykövesd and the fish ponds!

Horse-carriage ride with pálinka-tasting

If you feel like visiting the area sitting on a horse-carriage and you like good homemade pálinka, then this is an ideal programme for you and your friends. Enjoy the wonderful landscape, the fresh air, the rythmic beats of horseshoes, and do not worry even about the autumn-winter weather – you will not be cold, we can guarantee it! 100 % fruit with a large dose of joy – this is how pálinkas from Palkonya can be best described.

Boat trip on the Drava

Take a tour on one of the most romantic and cleanest rivers of Hungary, on the Drava. In the previous decades the very vicinity of the Drava was not permitted to be visited because of the closeness of the border, this way the values of nature remained intact. Danube-Drava National Park reveals the wonder of untouched nature to its visitors.

Hiking on Szársomlyó-hill

Has the question: ″But where are the vineyards here?″ ever come to your mind? Well, if you are interested in the answer, take part in the guided tour organised by the Danube-Drava National Park. As Szársomlyó is a (highly protected) nature reserve, it can only be visited with guidance. Among the more than 70 protected plant species growing here Hungarian Colchicum is possibly the most well-known botanical curiosity of the hill. From the top of the hill there is a wonderful view onto the vineyards of Villány and the fisheries of Palkonya.

Fishing at the fishing ponds of Palkonya

Silence, calmness and clean air…. and of course, fishing equipment! Plus a fishing pond. Lovers of fishing do not even need more. From the fishing ponds of Palkonya there is a wonderful view onto the village and the unique church with a dome. If you desire perfect and peaceful relaxation, this programme is absolutely conceived for you! The fishing pond of the Villány Wine Region with the most beautiful view only awaits you! Enjoy all the pleasure of fishing in a picturesque environment, at the ponds of Palkonya!

The lookout tower of Templom-hegy, Ammonites nature trail

While cycling/walking towards Villány it is worth stopping for a walk on the ammonites nature trail starting 500 m away from the train station of Villány. On the top of Templom-hegy (Church-hill) a lookout tower was also built, so even the view itself is an attractive aim for a walk (about 45-60 minutes).