Wine tasting


During a visit to Villány a wine-tasting in a real cellar is an indispensable programme to which the rustic cellar of our hotel provides a perfect venue. Taste the award-winning wines of Villány of Mokos Winery, one of the most dynamically developing family wineries of the Villány Wine Region! At the wine tasting our winemaker or sommelier presents in person the wines of Villány made by us and stored in the wine safe.

Cellar-visiting tour in Villánykövesd

Discover the most beautiful Cellar-row of the Villány Wine Region! Within the framework of this programme our guests have an opportunity to visit the cellars of the family wineries of Villánykövesd. During the cellar-visiting tour we go to see hundreds of years old cellars covered with cobwebs and preserved in their original condition. Our guests can get to know the producers and taste their wines.

Pleasure-harvest with Mokos Winery

Would you like to have fun with your friends during an autumn wine tour? Come to Villány Wineregion, and visit the premises of Mokos  Winery. Here you can find the place where the grapes and fruits are grown from which the wonderful wines of Villány and the special premium fruit wines of the winery are produced. If you feel like, you can even harvest some grape, and you can press must from the grapes harvested by yourself on the spot!

Wine dinner at Mokos Winery

If you are interested how food and wine can be matched, and you would like to have a high-quality gastronomic experience, participate in one of our wine dinner programmes with your friends. During our gourmet wine dinner you have an opportunity to try a gourmet menu with matching wine  (from the offer of Mokos Winery)!

Visiting the Premises of the Mokos Family Winery

Are you interested where and how the succulent red wines and dessert fruit wines of Mokos Winery are made? Come and visit the premises of our family winery in Palkonya, and discover the place where the grapes grow from which our excellent wines are produced. During the visit we show you the way of the wine from the grapevines right to the bottle.  You can also visit our vineyards and our cellar.

Cabernet-Vylyan tour

Vylyan Winery, on the other side of Fekete-hegy, is only 1-1.5 hours or on foot 3-4 kms away from Villánykövesd. Stay at Hotel Cabernet, or have lunch in our Cellar restaurant, so, if you happen to visit Vylyan Winery, no one has to stop drinking wine. Come to the tour with us, admire the protected wildlife of Fekete-hegy and the unmatched view onto Palkonya, Villánykövesd and the fish ponds!

Fruit wine tasting

Good wine can be made not only from grapes but also from other fruits. If you have not yet tasted our sour cherry, apricot, plum or blackberry specialties, then this is the perfect opportunity! Come and visit Villánykövesd, and taste the fruit wines of our family winery, Mokos Winery, in our cosy cellar restaurant. Most of our fruit wines are sweet, but lovers of dry wines can also be pleasantly surprised.

Wine trips across the Villány Wine Region

Are you planning a visit to the Villány Wine Region? Then you surely wish to get to the most famous and best wineries or to those with the longest tradition, or you would like to get insight into the life of the wine region. Come and discover the secrets of the Villány Wine Region with its experienced tour guides, and get to know the many faces of it.

Wine tasting with chocolate tasting

Do you also like sweets and good wines? If so, then it is a must for you to participate in this programme.  Come and visit Villánykövesd, and try the succulent red wines and dessert fruit wines of our family winery (Mokos Pincészet) with special chocolates matching them.  Chocolates are made and harmonised by the confectioner of Cabernet Wine Restaurant, in cooperation with our vintner, so that the harmony of flavours can be as perfect as possible.