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where can you buy our wines?

If you liked the wines tasted at Hotel Cabernet (the wines of our family winery, Mokos Family Winery), then you have the opportunity to shop in our hotel or in our winery, or you can order the wines in our WEBSHOP. We inform you that our wines are available to the guests of our hotel at the most favourable price, when shopping on spot (Hotel Cabernet).

You can buy wine in our hotel on every weekday, from 8.00 to 21.30h. If you would shop in our winery in Palkonya, please phone us for opening hours (generally from 8 to 18h) in advance.

About our winery

Our family winery has been present in the life of the Villány Wine Region for three generations – already in two settlements: Palkonya and Villánykövesd. The great breakthrough came in 2003, when in Weingarten dűlő, in Palkonya, Gábor Mokos started to plant a vineyard of 15 hectars, in addition to the vineyards in Villánykövesd herited from our ancestors.  Although we have not enlarged the areas since then, we still began developments in another field, aiming at making the smaller villages of the wine region bustle with life.

In our vineyards you can find both the Hungarian and the international varieties typical of the region (Portugieser, Blue Frankish, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot). Thanks to the loess and red clay soil, the sub-Mediterranean-like climate and the production limit beyond average, we produce classical and premium wines of Villány of excellent quality, from 2008 about 70 000 bottles a year.

Besides traditional red wines of Villány, our winery produces fruit wine specialties, as well. It is not a secret that we aim at making our customers familiar with this type of drink not yet widespread in Hungary. It is important for us to produce our fruit wines only from fresh, succulent fruits grown on our own premises, without adding water, colouring matters or flavourings. The raw material is chosen from the finest fruits of our 45-hectar fruit garden. The technology is very similar to that of wine fermented from traditional grapes: we harvest ripe fruit which is immediately transported to the processing establishment. Freshly harvested fruit is stoned within 20 minutes following the harvest. The next phase is the fermentation in deoxygenated space in order to preserve fresh flavours. The majority of our fruit wines are sweet, but if you prefer dry wines, taste our sour cherry wine ripened in barrique barrels.

Our winery got a new huge impulse in 2012/13. Opposite the beautiful cellar-row of Palkonya, on the hillside above the fishponds, a wonderful cellar-theatre was built, where wine and culture meet each other.  This 2000 square metre winery is the jewel of Palkonya and the whole wine region. In the building, besides the modern wine-making technology, the barrique barrel distiller, and the wine-tasting room with a capacity of 120 persons, a terrace with a unique view was also built. The connection between wines and culture is further strengthened by a theatre with a capacity of 320 persons and a social hall where we plan to arrange colourful and exciting cultural programs.

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Address of the winery: Mokos Pincészet, 7771, Palkonya, Hegyalja út 1.
Operator: Körpince Kft.
Telephone number: +36-72-200-201

Ordering wines: rendeles@mokos.hu
Event organisation: szervezes@mokos.hu
Marketing: marketing@mokos.hu
For other information: info@mokos.hu