Bicycle rent and cycling toursDiscover the beauty of the Villány Wine Region lanes with our experienced tour guide!

What could be a more ideal way of exploring the wine region than riding a bike enjoying the soft breeze and the Mediterranean sunshine of Villány cycling among the lanes? Since 2012 in Hungary a couple of glass of wine have also been permitted while cycling…but, of course, with moderation! Take advantage of the fact that from Villány to Siklós there is already a bikeway! By bike you can reach even Siklós Castle or Thermal Spa Siklós.

The Villány Mountains and its environs provide an excellent opportunity for an excursion for those who wish to cycle. Visit the sights of the Villány-Siklós wine road on two wheels during a round trip, or just cycle for an hour in this wonderful region in the pleasant spring or autumn sunshine. If you would like to get to know interesting facts about the Villány Wine Region or lanes not indicated on the map during the trip, then ask for tour guidance! This way, you will not come across a large number of tourists. It can be requested even for 2 persons!

The programme includes

Our guests can choose from the following tours:

  1. Cycling tour ″In the Pursuit of Memories of Old Times″
    Distance: Villánykövesd – Villány – Nagyharsány – Kisharsány – Nagytótfalu – Siklós – Villánykövesd (about 2×20 kms)
    Terrain: slightly hilly, with steep slopes here and there, concrete road, on indicated and constructed bikeways.
    Time planned: 5 to 6 hours, depending on the time spent at the individual sights  (Sculpture Park, cellars of Nagyharsány/Siklós, Siklós Castle, Dzsámi, etc.).
  2. Cycling tour ″On the Way of Thirsty Pilgrims″
    Distance: Villánykövesd – Máriagyűd – Villánykövesd (about 2×23 kms)
    Terrain: slightly hilly, concrete road, on indicated and constructed bikeways.
    Time planned : 5 to 6 hours, depending on the time spent at the individual sights (cellars of Nagyharsány/Siklós, shrine of Máriagyűd, Czukorborsó Sütiző) .
  3. ″Tough Guys″ cycling tour
    Distance: Villánykövesd – Palkonya – Vokány – Nagytótfalu – Kisharsány – Nagyharsány – Villány – Villánykövesd (round trip, about 32-33 kms)
    Terrain: Very hilly, concrete road, on indicated and constructed bikeway and on intermittently light traffic public roads.
    Time planned: about 4 hours, depending on the time spent at individual sights (natural sights, cellars) .
  4. Cycling tour Montenuevo
    Distance: Villánykövesd – Kisjakabfalva – Kisbudmér – Borjád – Bóly – Villánykövesd (about 2×18 kms)
    Terrain: mildly sloping, with short steep slopes here and there, concrete road, on indicated and constructed bikeway.
    Time planned: about 4 to 5 hours, depending on the time spent at individual sights (e.g. Jackfall Wine Manufacture, Montenuevo Castle in Bóly, etc. ) .
  5. Lane-visiting cycling tour with a trip to Templom-hegy
    Programme planned: lanes of Villány, cellars, lookout tower, Ammonite nature trail (the latter one on foot)
    Distance: by bike Villánykövesd – Villány about 2x5kms (hence and forth), among the lanes in Villány about 5 to 10 kms and on foot
    the nature trail is 1,5 kms.
    Terrain: hilly, by bike on concrete road, on indicated forest pathways on foot
    Time planned : about 4 hours.

The price of the cycling tour includes:

  • Tour guidance;
  • 1 bottle of 0.5 l water and 2 sandwiches;
  • 1 or 2 glasses of wine (depending on the type of the tour) in a winery on the way;
  • Good mood and uplifted tourists are guaranteed by the end of the trip.

The charge of renting a bike and possible entry tickets are not included in the price of the programme (e.g. entry to Siklós Castle or to the Sculpture Park).


Our bikes (9 adult and 4 kids’ bicycles) are for rent all year long, exclusively for our hotel guests!

The cycling tour can be started in any part of the year, even with 2 participants, with respect to the availability of the tour guides and to the weather conditions. Please, call the reception for appointments (+3672-493-200)! A túravezetés program külsős vendégek részére is elérhető, saját kerékpárral, felár fizetése mellett The tour guidance programme is available to exterior guests, as well, with own bicycles and extra charge (see below).

Downloadable map of the wine region and the bikeways»


Bike rental fees:

0-0,99 hour: 500 HUF/person;
1-1,99 hours: 750 HUF/person;
2-3,99 hours: 1.000 HUF/person;
4-7,99 hours: 1.500 HUF/person;
8-11,99 hours: 2.200 HUF/person;
12-24 hours: 3.000 HUF/person;
2 or more days: 2.000 HUF/day/person.

Price of participation in the cycling tour for our hotel guests:
No. 1-2-3 tours:  2.600 HUF/person (with 2 glasses of wine).
No. 4-5 tours: 2.000 HUF/person (with 1 glass of wine).

Our exterior guests can participate in cycling tours for an extra charge of 1.500 HUF/person which can be consumed up to 100% in our restaurant. (Bikes are for rent only for our hotel guests.)

Recommended to


  • likes cycling and going on excursions;
  • would like to move in the fresh open air and enjoy the wine region landscape;
  • would like to explore the smaller and less known settlements of the Villány Wine Region, as well;
  • looks for a good programme in good company.