Sound therapy meditation

Chill out and relax to the sound of wind chimes from the Pyrenees

Healing with sounds has a long tradition, and anyone can feel that certain sounds or tunes touch them especially deeply. It is also known that sounds are vibrations, and because 70% of our body consists of water (which leads vibrations well), musical instruments specially tuned to relaxation and meditation help us hear our inner voice.

We heartily present Koshi, an authentic, handmade musical instrument, to everyone interested. It was originally made at the foot of the Pyrenees. The instruments are wind chimes designed to sound the 4 elements, that is Earth, Water, Fire and Air. Each wind chime is a meticulous design.

The sound of Koshi reminds us of chimes.  The crystallic, relaxing soundscape takes you to the world of wonders.  It fills you up, chills you out, and makes your everyday life more harmonious. Come and try it at Hotel Cabernet. It is recommended not only to adults, but also to children.  You can get information about group sessions, or you can schedule an individual session via e-mail (info@hotelcabernet.hu).

What is needed for the meditation is only an open heart and comfortable clothes! 🙂 Be welcome soon!

The programme includes

  • 1-hour guided meditation with the use of Koshi ;
  • rugs or polifoam matresses can be provided.


The meditation programme can be started in any part of the year, for our hotel guests even in the case of at least 4 persons, with respect to the availability of the guide of meditation. For scheduling a date please write an e-mail (info@hotelcabernet.hu), or join our sessions at advertised dates. Meditation programmes are available to guests not staying at our hotel if there is an advertised session to join.  (Language of the programme: Hungarian).


Price of meditation: 1.300 HUF/person/hour.

Recommended to

  • would like to chill out and relax;
  • wishes to get a rest equalling several hours of sleep, within only 1 hour (it can be useful after a wine-drinking night :);
  • is open to new things and alternative medicine;
  • how our subconscious mind can be controlled in order to reach our goals and desires;
  • looks for a good group programme in good company.