Rooms and Prices

Undisturbed rest is guaranteed for our guests coming to Villánykövesd by the 25 comfortable bedrooms of Hotel Cabernet (double, triple and family rooms). A bathroom, television, air conditioning, telephone, Internet connection, and, in some cases, a balcony or an exit to the terrace belongs to each room of the hotel. Each room of the hotel can be equipped with an extra bed and is non-smoking. Wifi is free in the hotel. Parking is also free of charge in car parks at public places.


  • Accommodation with buffet breakfast*;
  • Unlimited Internet access (Wifi);
  • Air conditioning in the room;
  • Free use of billiard table;
  • VAT (Value added tax).

*Tip: We recommend the jams produced from the fruits of our own fruit gardens and our homemade stifolder (delicious Swabian sausages) for breakfast. Stifolder production has a long tradition in the Wine Region.

A Hotel Cabernet standard kétágyas szobája, a képen dupla ágy, tévé, íróasztal

Our guests can choose double or twin bedrooms, with shower or bathtub. Parts of the room equipment are the TV, Air conditioning and the fridge.  Please, inform us about your request concerning rooms with shower or bathtub in advance. Some rooms have a terrace or balcony (at an additional cost). Further information>>

FROM HUF 21.900

Our triple bedrooms have bathroom with shower.  A TV, Air conditioning and a fridge are parts of room equipment.

Further information >>

from HUF 39.900
A Hotel Cabernet standard háromágyas szobája, a képen egy dupla ágy és egy külön ágy, tévé, íróasztal, fotel, kis hűtő
A Hotel Cabernet családi kuckós szobája, a képen egy dupla ágy és egy külön ágy kis szobában, tévé, íróasztal, kis hűtő

This double room has a sleeping cabin that can comfortably accommodate 2 older or 3 smaller children. The room can be connected to another double room, making it an ideal choice for two generations or a bigger family. Further information >>

from HUF 44.900

This room is ideal for 2 adults and 2 children. It also has a bunk bed and 2 standard beds. This room has a bathroom with a shower.

Further information >>

from HUF 44.900
A Hotel Cabernet családi emeletes ágyas szobája, a képen egy dupla ágy és egy emeletes ágy, valamint íróasztal, tévé és tükör