double bedroom

Price of the room (except for high seasons):
Double Bedroom
Single Bedroom
Baby Bed
Extra Bed
HUF/room/night HUF/room/night HUF/person/night
December-September 17.900 HUF 12.900 HUF 0 HUF 5.500 HUF
October-November 19.900 HUF 14.900 HUF 0 HUF 6.500 HUF

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triple bedroom


Price of rooms (except for high seasons):
Triple Bedroom Baby Bed
Extra Bed
  HUF/room/night HUF/person/night
December-September 23.900 HUF 0 HUF 5.500 HUF
October-November 25.900 HUF 0 HUF 6.500 HUF


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family rooms

Each of our double bedrooms has:

  • a bunk bed (so, a quadruple bedroom);
  • bedchamber with a corner for children (with a capacity for 3 small or 2 older children);
  • 2 double bedrooms can be joine.

Our triple bedrooms can be transformed into quadruple bedrooms with extra beds.

Bunk beds and accommodation with corner are considered as extra beds. Two rooms joined to each other are considered as two separate rooms (in this case we cannot provide a children discount, rooms can only be booked at full price).

high seasons

Room prices and fees of extra beds have an additional price of 20% of the total price, or the room can only be booked in a package offer.

To be booked only in a package:   Busho Festival in Mohács (2020.02.20-25.); Easter (2020.04.08-04.13.); Pentecost (2020.05.29-06.01.); 20 August National Holiday (2020. 08.19-23.); New Year’s Eve (2020.12.30-2021.01.03.);

Rooms can be reserved at exclusive prices:  15 March Long Weekend (2020.03.03-15.); HÚ!SVÉT Gastropicnic in Palkonya  (2020.04.18.); Ördögkatlan Festival (2020. 08.04-08.08); Red Wine Festival (2020.10.02-05.); St. Martin’s Day (2020.11.06-08./13-15.); Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve (2020.12.26-30.).


Discounts:  in the case of at least 3 nights 10 %, 4 or 5 nights 15 %, 6 or 7 nights 20 % discount is granted from the room price.  Discounts can only be validated via email or by booking online on our website, and cannot be used simultaneously with coupons or other special discounts !

Group discounts: in the case of bigger groups or events ask for our customized price offer.

″Delayed Check-Out″ Discount on Sundays: All our guests booking directly via email or on our website can postpone check-out from the room till 4 pm for free, regarding the number of vacant rooms and if requested in advance.


additional charges

Charges for dogs (only small dogs!): 2.000 HUF/animal/night

Air conditioning: 13 of our rooms are equipped with air conditioners, the price of air conditioning is 1.000 HUF/night. Please, send your request for an air conditioned room at the time of booking via email. Air conditioning can be provided until there are vacant air conditioned rooms available.

Check-in: from 2 pm (except for Sunday), check-out till 10 am. Charge of delayed check-out till 12 o’clock is + 5.000 HUF, after 12 the total room price has to be paid. (You can see the delayed check-out discount on Sundays among the discounts above.)

Extra cleaning charge (in the case of improper use): cost of cleaning and replacement, but at least 5.000 HUF.


ways of payment

You can pay for your room at our hotel in the following ways:

  • Cash,
  • Banking card (Visa, Master Card, Maestro),
  • Széchenyi Pihenő (SZÉP) Card – Our partners: OTP, MKB, K&H,
  • Money transfer in advance.

For travel agencies and companies there are individual payment conditions.