Ancient Drava Visitors’ Centre

14 kms away from the Villány Wine Region, near Szaporca, the Ancient Drava Visitors’ Centre presenting the natural values and traditions of Ormánság can be found. It awaits visitors with an interactive exhibition, a farm, nature trails and various programmes providing entertainment for all age groups.

The programme includes

On the nature trail called Traditional Farming you can observe the means of keeping animals, meadow husbandry, fruit growing, beekeeping, basketwork, production of spices and herbs. Anyone has the opportunity to take the objects in their hands, try them, and experience how our ancestors used the gifts of nature with sustainable methods, in harmony with the environment. On the farm presenting ancient Hungarian domestic animals grey cattle, mangalitzas, goats, hucul horses, donkeys, Racka and Cikta sheep and several ancient Hungarian hen species can be seen. Besides observing the animals, guests can also get to know what roles the animals used to have in everyday life.

How did people living here use natural resources? What effects did river regulation have on nature and wildlife? What can be done to reverse the processes going towards the wrong direction? Mindezekre a kérdésekre választ kaphatunk, ha végigjárjuk For all these questions we can get an answer if we walk along the Ancient Drava nature trail. Walking over the bridge leading through the thick reed we can experience the primal power of nature and the untouched wilderness.

On the pathway leading to the Drava shore, on the nature trail called the Wildlife of the Drava you can get to know the special wildlife of the area and hear the song of birds till you arrive at the river bank. From the open water surfaces and moors along the shore to the brilliant pastures with trees and colourful wild flowers you can observe various habitats. After climbing up to the lookout tower the landscape can be viewed from high, however, if you are interested in not only the sound of birds, but you also want to see them, you can eye them from an observing cottage, or take beautiful photos of them.

At the visitors’ centre the management of the Danube-Drava National Park created diverse programmes among which ringing and getting to know the birds of the Drava shore are also present. In the annual event calendar of the visitors’ centre guaranteed tours, events and presentations can equally be found.

Detailed programmes:



Address: 7843 Szaporca
Telephone: +36 72/223-015, +36 30/402-7654.

Opening hours:


Entry fees and programme prices:

With Irány Pécs! card: 20% discount
With Harkány Kártya: 20% discount
With HungaryCard: 20% discount

Recommended to

• looks for a child-friendly programme where children can observe how our ancestors used to live and what animals they used to keep;
• is curious about the natural and cultural values of the Villány Wine Region;
• would like to spend a day in beautiful natural environment, enjoying the untouched wildlife of the Danube-Drava National Park.

Tip: this programme can even be connected to a boat trip on the Drava!