Boat trip on the DravaDiscover the wonder of untouched nature on the Drava!

Take a tour on one of the most romantic and cleanest rivers of Hungary, on the Drava.  In the previous decades the very vicinity of the Drava was not permitted to be visited because of the closeness of the border, this way the values of nature remained intact. Danube-Drava National Park reveals the wonder of untouched nature to its visitors.

We call the attention of our guests to Kormorán-sziget located in the forest next to Matty where cormorants nest in groups. The curiosity of the settlement is the bird memorial park in its vicinity where headboards remind us of all bird species which no longer hatch in Hungary and only appear here and there during the migration period, e.g. in the forests and meadows along the Drava.

The programme includes

  • boat trip with tour guide (1,5 hour), visiting Kormorán-sziget.

The programme usually takes about 1.5 hours, but in the case of groups there is an opportunity of longer trips with debarking combined with walks along the Drava, for an extra charge.


Navigation period lasts from April 1 to November 30. For groups we start this programme in the case of at least 15 participants, individual guests can join smaller groups after making an appointment. The tour starts from Drávaszabolcs, from the port (about 35 kms from our hotel, 40 minutes by car.) Please, arrive at the port 15 minutes before the advertised departure time!


Participation fee for our hotel guests:

  • Up to the age of 18 and for pensioners: 1.700 HUF/person;
  • adult: 2.000 HUF/person.

The programme for exterior guests can be booked with an extra charge of +1.000 HUF/person which can be consumed up to 100 % in our restaurant.

Recommended to


  • likes boat trips;
  • would like to experience the wonder of untouched nature;
  • is curious about the fantastic wildlife of the Drava;
  • looks for a good programme in good company.