Gastronomic picnic in Palkonya (HÚ!SVÉT)Culinary walk and gastronomic picnic in Palkonya, with Stylish Countryside Restaurants

One week after Easter Stylish Countryside Restaurants, mansions, monument cellars and family wineries are heartily preparing to cherish their guests with good wine, fine-dining snacks, oven and grilled meals, homemade cookies and programmes. The place of the two-day culinary walk, the springtime gastronomic picnic and family programmes is the most beautiful village of the Villány Wine Region, one-street Palkonya!

The place of the event is the new gastronomic patch of colour of the Villány Wine Region, Palkonyha, which prospers as an appartment restaurant and a gastro-workshop.

More pictures about the event on the Facebook page of SVÉT>>

The programme includes

Gastronomic picnic, music and culture stage, ham-workshop, village cinema, chill terrace on Palkonyha Podium.


Date: 2020. April 18.
Place: Palkonya, Baranya county, Villány Wine Region
Host: Palkonyha Appartment Restaurant and Gastro-Workshop


Entry to the festival is free of charge, payment at the receptions by individual consumption.

Recommended to


  • appreciates high-quality gastronomic events and would taste gourmet snacks with local wines, tuned to the flavours of Easter;
  • would fill their energy reserve with some Mediterranean springtime sunshine;
  • desires an easy springtime programme, a little slowdown in authentic, crowd-free wine region, rural environment.