Fruit wine tastingDo not look for sweet red wines in Villány! If you would like dessert wine, try Mokos fruit wines.

Good wine can be made not only from grapes but also from other fruits. If you have not yet tasted our sour cherry, apricot, plum or blackberry specialties, then this is the perfect opportunity! Come and visit Villánykövesd, and taste the fruit wines of our family winery, Mokos Winery, in our cosy cellar restaurant. You will not have an everyday experience, because we make our wines from 100 % fruit (so we do not flavour grape wines with aromas), and, thanks to the modern, gentle method, the fragrance and flavour of fresh fruit can be purely felt. The technology resembles that of making traditional wine fermented from grape: We harvest ripe fruit that is immediately transported to the processing room. Destoning of freshly picked fruit is completed within 20 minutes after the harvest, then the fermentation follows in a vacuum space in order to preserve fresh taste.  Most of our fruit wines are sweet, but lovers of dry wines can also be pleasantly surprised.

And if all this is not enough, we are devoted fans of high-quality bitter chocolate accompanied by our red wines and sweet fruit wines. Our craftmade bonbons are inspired by our own fruit wines. We only use Belgian bitter chocolate of 70 %. We recommend our chocolate wine tastings, which we organise in the name of harmony of flavours, to every gourmet and to those curious about something new and exciting. Extra charge of chocolate in this case is 1.000 HUF/person.

The programme includes

  • tasting of 5 sorts of fruit wine;
  • guided tasting with our wine grower/sommelier;
  • lots of curiosities and news about the Villány Wine Region, Mokos Winery, the technology of fruit wine making and our wines;
  • a good atmosphere is guaranteed.


This programme is available in any part of the year, it is started with even 2 participants, with respect to how busy our wine grower/sommelier is. Please, write am e-mail for date (! English-language wine tastings can also be provided on request in advance.


Price of the programme: 3.900 HUF/person.

Recommended to

  • is open to new things;
  • likes dessert wines;
  • arrives with a group including members less devoted to dry wines and whom they wish to make familiar with the culture of wine tasting;
  • is interested in fruit wines and wants to pursue their passion with high-quality fruit wines made from 100 % Hungarian fruit  (and not to idle about with cheap foreign, red wine based, aromated aromated wines.)
  • looks for a wine tasting where wine is not only served but 100 % attention is paid to guests;
  • looks for a good programme in good company.