Harkány Thermal SpaIf you desire open-air wellness...We recommend Harkány!

Both in winter and summer everyone has the right to relax and cherish themselves after tiring working days. In Harkány Thermal Spa you can not only fill yourself up with energy for the long and dark winter days, but you can also preserve your health thanks to the healing effect of water.

According to the saga, the devil ploughed the hill of Szársomlyó, and in the trail of his plough sulphuric water exploded upward. This story is not baseless: the water of Harkány is the only one containing sulphide ion solved in gas form. The water has a proven healing effect on rheumatic diseases, joint problems and numerous other diseases, as well. The spa is also open in winter, and, thanks to the exploding thermal water there is an opportunity to have an open-air bath under the star-lit sky even at this time of the year.

Harkány is a perfect free-time programme even also for younger generations, as the complex has a spa, as well. There is an opportunity to sauna, submerge in the jacuzzi, or unstrain our muscles during a cherishing massage.

Book within the framework of our Wine and Wellness or Romantic Package Offer, and we will give you the entry ticket to Harkány Thermal Spa as a one-time free gift.

The programme includes

The price of the entry ticket includes the use of the following wellness elements (without extra charge) in the case of thermal spa:

  • Thermal pools (34-38 ⁰C) with water surface of 2098 m² (covered, semi-covered and open pools);
  • Pools: whirlpool with effervescent bed, neck shower, jacuzzi (32-33⁰C)
  • Finnish saunas;
  • Steam cabin.

At Harkány Thermal Spa it is not only the spontaneous effect of thermal water that prevails. Its natural conditions are also excellent: its favourable climate, the microclimate of the thermal spa and the 2100-2200 hours of sunshine are perfect parts of a meticulously planned water cure. In the prevention and healing of musculo-skeletal and joint diseases, or in relieving the disorders of lymph circulation, osteoporosis, chronic gynecological inflammations very convincing results can be reached during a cure in Harkány.

The price of the entry ticket to the lido includes:

  • Use of sport pool (water surface: 1050 m2, 24-26 C°)
  • Use of butterfly pool (water surface: 1460 m2 and 1520 m2, 26-28 /  30-32 C°);
  • Use of kids pool (water surface: 220 m2, 34-35 C°);
  • Slide.


For opening hours and accessibility of the spa check out this website: www.harkanyfurdo.hu.


About the prices of entry tickets you can be informed below:

Recommended to


  • would like to sunbathe in the sunshine of the Mediterranean wine region even in cooler weather in the open-air thermal pools of Harkány ;
  • would like to go to the beach and cool down in the Villány Wine Region in summer ;
  • wishes to enjoy the healing effect of the water of Harkány;
  • would like to relax in the fun pools of Harkány Thermal Spa after a drinking night out in Villány;.
  • looks for a colourful, high-quality wellness experience, an all-day programme near Villány.