Pleasure-harvest with Mokos WineryExperience the feeling of harvest in the Villány Wine Region!

Would you like to have fun with your friends during an autumn wine tour? Come to Palkonya (5-6 kms from Villány, 25 kms from Pécs), and visit the premises of Mokos Family Winery. Here you can find the place where the grapes and fruits are grown from which the wonderful wines of Villány and the special premium fruit wines of the winery are produced. If you feel like, you can even harvest some Cabernet Franc or Portugieser, and you can press must from the grapes harvested by yourself on the spot!

While the harvested grapes are transported in tractors to the cellar, the “workers” also walk down to the cellar, accompanied by our accordionist. Harvesters are awaited by an abundant lunch with peasant dishes on the terrace of Mokos Family Winery, with a wonderful view onto the cellar-row of Palkonya. Within the framework of the lunch with peasant dishes, delicious meals of local producers are served.

After this, the group can gain insight into the secrets of the technology of modern wine-making, and they can taste the freshly produced must.

The programme includes

  •  meeting in Palkonya, at Mokos Winery, then leaving for the vineyard;
  • short presentation about the vineyards and grapes of Mokos Winery ;
  • warm-up with palinka, that is joining harvest forces;
  • joyful harvest with unlimited rosé consumption to the tune of an accordion (in the case of a team-building programme: with additional entertaining harvest tasks);
  • after the harvest visit to our winery, accompanied by our accordionist;
  • abundantly prepared lunch with peasant dish on the terrace of Mokos Winery;
  • cellar visit and insight into the processing procedures (pressing, tamping, etc.);
  • tasting fresh must.


You can participate in this programme from the end of August to mid-October every year. The best month for harvest is September from the aspect of both the grapes and weather.  At individual dates pleasure-harvest programmes are organised for groups of at least 15 persons, or at the price for 15 persons.


Price of the programme: 8.900 HUF/person for our hotel guests, 12.900 HUF/person for non-hotel guests. At individual dates, for groups pleasure-harvest programmes are started with at least 15 participants, or at the price for 15 persons.

If you want to join individually, ask about dates open for anybody!

Recommended to


  • would like to see how harvests go in the Villány Wine Region;
  • would try work in the wine region, enjoying the wonderful view, the autumn landscape and fresh air;
  • would like to gain insight into the life of a winery equipped with modern technology ;
  • looks for a good group programme, in good company.