Rosé Spritzer FestivalSee the world in full rosé for two days!

The Rosé Spritzer Festival of Villány, a.k.a. Rosé Marathon, awaits lovers of summer and cool rosé on Friday and Saturday, July 10-11, 2020. On the two days of the freshest festival of Villány winemakers of the Villány Wine Region will offer one of the freshest and most refreshing drinks of the summer, the rosé of Villány in the event square of Villány and on the historic cellar-row. The mood is further lifted by the joyful running race in costumes called rosé marathon where not only speed but also the ″most rosé″ outlook will be awarded.

Every age group is welcome at the rhythmic and bustling programmes. The hot summer and the lifted mood are cooled by the more and more popular rosé spritzer, and in the case of younger visitors, by raspberry juice.

New songs, colourful programmes, refreshing rosé and games await young and old at the Rosé Festival of Villány all weekend!

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The programme includes

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July 10-11, 2020


Entry to the festival is free of charge.

Recommended to


  • likes the most superb cooling drink of summer, rosé, and who would like to taste this year’s offer of the winemakers of Villány;
  • would like to take part in a joyful and youthful festival where you can finally release the pressure accumulated during the year…”exclusively in pink”! 🙂
  • likes fancy-dress parties, and can now show off their favourite pink panther costume, this way winning the most rosé outlook and the prize, 6 cartons of rosé! 🙂