Sculpture Park of NagyharsányOnly a few kms from Villány! It can be reached even by bike!

In the abandoned stone mine of Szársomlyó-hegy sculptors have been working from 1967 whose experiments well overpassed the possibilities of public place sculpture of that time. The mine bay full of non-figurative sculptures provides a touching view.

The cultural historical and art historical significance of the Sculpture Park of Nagyharsány lies in the fact that it was here where sculptors had an opportunity to freely experiment for the first time in Hungary. About 200 artists have worked here during the years since the foundation.

Most of the sculptures were made from grey limestone from Nagyharsány and Beremend. The stone mine of Szársomlyó is currently a unique cultural sight on the touristic map of Baranya county and Hungary.


The programme includes

The works created in the most spacious studio, in the open air from stones originating in the environs almost come to life in the Sculpture Park, the abandoned stone mine has become a real home of the pieces of art. The majority of the 130 sculptures are non-figurative: lonely blocks, twisted columns, strange idols, stones resembling toys of giants. Some of them got their names from visitors, for instance the Venus of Villány, the Egg of Columbus or the Memory.

Among the artists we can find such famous masters as Bocz Gyula, Bencsik István, Kígyós Sándor, or Wladislaw Tumkiewicz (Poland), Vittorio di Muzo (Italy), Pierre Székely (France/Hungary).


Address: 7822, Nagyharsány
Transportation: individually, by car or from Pécs by interurban bus , GPS: 45.856244 18.430982
Availability: +36 (30) 377-3388
Opening hours:
April 1- September 30 daily 9.00-19.00
October 1- March 31 daily 10.00-16.00



  • Adult: 400 HUF/person;
  • under the age of 18 years: 250 HUF/person.

With Irány Pécs! card  20% discount.
Participants of the professional guided tours to Szársomlyó can visit the sculpture park for free!

Recommended to


  • is interested in modern arts;
  • looks for a pleasant outdoor programme in beautiful natural environment;
  • is curious about the cultural and artistic values of the Villány Wine Region;
  • would like to visit the park and go on a fantastic tour at the same time.