Sightseeing in PécsLengthen your stay by 1 day and discover the city of Mediterranean atmosphere, Pécs!

Did you know that the monorail which stops in front of our hotel takes you to Pécs in half an hour? The train journey is exciting itself, and Pécs is definitely worth visiting once you are nearby. Thanks to its 2000 year-old historical heritage, ethnic traditions and its almost Mediterranean climate it is one of the most colourful and exciting cities of Hungary. Lengthen your stay in the Villány Wine Region by 1 night and visit Pécs!

The fact that these 2 millennia have not disappeared can be felt at every turn walking in the city. Old Christian subterranean relics, mosque, minaret, turbe, palaces decorated with Zsolnay building ceramics, relics of Bauhaus architecture make this settlement excitingly colourful together. The historical downtown of Pécs was included in 2000 onto the list of universal values of cultural history of UNESCO, it holds the World Heritage title, because it has the most abundant Roman-era archaeological finds in Central Europe.

The programme includes

If you feel like starting the sightseeing tour individually, do not forget to do the following 10 things:

  1. Stroll under the chestnut trees of Séta tér. If you arrive during a festival, drink a glass of wine (or hot wine in winter), and try kürtőskalács (funnel cake).
  2. Admire the emblematic four-towered cathedral of the city, Saint Peter Cathedral.
  3. Visit the Old Christian burial chambers belonging to UNESCO World Heritage. At Cella Septichora Visitors’ Centre you can get to know the sacral life of the ancient Christian community.
  4. Go for a walk among the ruins of the former town wall, in Barbakán.
  5. Discover the Turkish-era relics of the city.  (e.g. the mosque of Gazi Kassim Pasha, the turbe of Idris Baba, Jakovali Hassan Mosque).
  6. Have a coffee in Széchenyi Square, in Király utca or in Jókai Square, and enjoy the hustling and bustling of the city with a Mediterranean atmosphere.
  7. If you come with your lover, do not forget to bring a lock with you.  The Locks of Lovers –  symbols of eternal faithfulness and togetherness – are a unique sight of Pécs. The locks hang in bunches in a downtown street from an iron fence that has never had a function as a real fence.
  8. Stroll along the Street of Museums (today Káptalan utca). Visit Zsolnay Museum which presents the works of the Zsolnay porcelain manufacture having an enormous effect on the architecture of the city, or Csontváry Museum giving place to the oeuvre of Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar, one of the most significant representatives of plein art. Vasarely Museum may provide a pleasant time for the fans of op-art.
  9. Go for a walk in Tettye, which is one of the most popular parks of the residents of Pécs on the side of Mecsek with ruins, a cave and an arboretum. Visit the Chapel of Havihegy from where there is an unmatched view onto the city.
  10. If you spend more time in the city, buy an entry ticket to the performance of the National Theatre of Pécs or Pannon Filharmonikusok. Pécsi Balett is one of the most famous ballet companies in Hungary. In summer the performances of Káptalan Street or Tettyei Szabadtéri Színpad (Open-air stage of Tettye) also provide a unique experience.

If you would like to visit the sights of Pécs within the framework of a guided sightseeing tour, we can also help you organise the tour. Professional tour guides present the city to our guests during a half-day walking or monorail tour. If you like cycling, you also have an opportunity to go on a cycling sightseeing tour. What is more, you can even rely on a photographer from Pécs who guides you to the most photogenic places of the city.  Sightseeing tours are organised with at least 10 participants, we can give you a price quote depending on the size and needs of groups.

Let’s go to the Cultural Capital of Europe!

Pécs had gained the Cultural Capital of Europe title by 2010, thanks to which not only the public squares and buildings of the city have been renewed and embellished, but its spectrum already colourful has been enriched by further cultural programmes.


The programme is valid all year long. Guaranteed guided tour programmes are started by the IrányPécs Tourinform office. More about the dates of tourist guidance:


If you need tourist guidance for a group, ask for our individual offer. IrányPécs Tourinform office arranges guaranteed tourist guidance dates in Pécs for 1.500 HUF/person, more information:

Recommended to


  • would spend even more time in Southern Transdanubia, but would not like to drive to a wine-tasting. In this case it is ideal to launch your trips from Villánykövesd, as wine is on the spot, and Pécs is only half an hour away by train/car :);
  • is interested in the historical and cultural treasure of Southern Transdanubia and Pécs;
  • looks for a meaningful trip programme.