The lookout tower of Templom-hegy, Ammonites nature trailDiscover the lithological specialities excavated in the former stone mine of Templom-hegy and enjoy the view!

While cycling/walking towards Villány it is worth stopping for a walk on the ammonites nature trail starting 500 m away from the train station of Villány. On the top of Templom-hegy (Church-hill) a lookout tower was also built, so even the view itself is an attractive aim for a walk (about 45-60 minutes).

The abandoned stone mines of the Templom-hegy (whose former name was Mész-hegy or Lime-hill) in Villány were declared as protected in 1989, mainly in order to protect the lithological values situated in the inner mine yard and the ammonite remains from the Jura period and the vertebrate remains from the Pliocene-Pleistocene period. Reptile vertebrae and remains of shallow-sea creatures were found.

Going through the mine you can discover a wonderful wildlife along the large cliffs. The eastern side of the valley is also closed by a cliff on which you can easily climb (45-60° heeling angle) up to the lookout tower on its top. ( It is worth spending even hours on the hill, as you can find interesting prints and plants here.)


The programme includes

  • you can see the remains of the creatures excavated in the stone mine and lithological specialities;
  • you can enjoy the wonderful view from the lookout tower of Templom-hegy.

The programme takes: 45-60 minutes.


You can discover the lithological specialities individually, or you can explore the nature trail within the framework of a cycling tour with our tour guide. Choose our cycling tour “Lane-visiting cycling tour with a trip to Templom-hegy”, and you will instantly have a cultural, gastronomic, sporting and social experience. (Bicycles can be hired only by our hotel guests.)

Downloadable tourist guide brochure for the Ammonites nature trail of Templom-hegy!!!

In the case of a group order you can ask for a pedestrian guided tour in the Danube-Drava National Park to explore the nature trail.

Bookable tour: Management of Danube-Drava National Park
Tel.: +36 (30) 405-4571, E-mail:
Programme takes : 1-2 hours
Length of tour: 0,5-1 km
Place: Villány, Ammonites nature trail starting board. GPS: N45.875775 E18.447474
Transportation: individually, by car, or from Pécs to Villány by interurban bus or train
Important tip: It is highly recommended to wear clothes suitable for the weather with comfortable tracking boots, and to deter mosquitos and ticks.


You can go on this tour even individually, or in the case of a group order, you can also ask for the tour guidance of the Danube-Drava National Park (see above)

Ask for prices at Danube-Drava National Park!

Recommended to


  • is interested in the wildlife, geology and lithological specialities of the area (Hungarian language!);
  • wishes to go for a short, relaxing walk in the environs ;
  • desires to be in the nature and in the fresh open air;
  • would like to enjoy the view from the lookout tower of Templom-hegy (Church-hill) onto the environs.