Wine trips across the Villány Wine RegionHotspots or secret gems? Discover the Villány Wine Region with us!

Are you planning a visit to the Villány Wine Region? Then you surely wish to get to the most famous and best wineries or to those with the longest tradition, or you would like to get insight into the life of the wine region. Besides Villány, you would definitely explore other settlements of the wine region, as well: Villánykövesd with the most beautiful cellar-row of the wine region, Palkonya, the jewel of the wine region, or Nagyharsány and Szársomlyó-hegy with the most dazzling view onto the region.

Come and discover the secrets of the Wine Region with its experienced tour guides, and get to know the many faces of the wine region:

  • the most famous wineries determining the wine region,
  • the small family wineries still with a long tradition,
  • the less known secret gems still producing excellent wines,
  • and the cultural-natural beauties of the wine region!

No secret: There is still a long way ahead for the development of public transport in the Villány Wine Region. But do not worry, we have also considered this. Wine tourists can get from one winery to the other comfortably by microbus, accompanied by an experienced tour guide!

About dates of tours inquire via email ( In the case of at least 6 persons the programme is started at a customized date.

The programme includes

Choose from the following thematic wine trips:

  1. In pursuit of secret gems of the wine region

During this wine trip we guide you to less known family wineries farming in smaller areas, but making wonderful wines you cannot find on the shelves of department stores. Furthermore, not only in Villány, but also in other settlements of the Wine Region (Villánykövesd, Palkonya, Nagyharsány, etc.). Try something you cannot drink at home. The tour includes: 3 wineries in 3 settlements (Villánykövesd / Palkonya, /Nagyharsány /Villány),  tasting 9 to 10 sorts of wine, bus transfer between Hotel Cabernet and the wineries.

  1. Hotspots of the wine region

During this tour you can get to know the most famous wineries of Villány with the longest tradition. Visit the underground labyrinths of the most famous wineries in Villány accompanied by a tour guide or a professional sommelier. Although you can come across the wines of large wineries, it is worth observing how and where these wines are produced. Grandiose cellars are often architectural masterpieces at the same time with the multitude of creatively arranged bottles and barrels providing a fascinating sight. The tour includes: cellar-visit and wine tasting of 9 to 10 sorts of wine at 3 famous wineries, bus transfer between Hotel Cabernet and the wineries.


Choose from our thematic wine trips and join one of our advertised tours (advertised dates above)! If none of the dates are suitable for you (or we do not start a tour), contact us at, our trip organiser colleague is ready to help you! Dates of tours different from the advertised ones can be requested for at least 6 persons, or at the price for 6 persons.


Price of the wine trip In Pursuit of Secret Wine Region Gems: 9.900 HUF/person .For our hotel guests: 7.900 HUF/person.
Price of the wine trip Hotspots of the Wine Region: 12.900 HUF/person. For our hotel guests: 10.900 HUF/person. 

Recommended to

  • would like to explore the Villány Wine Region within the framework of a wine trip, but no member of the group is willing to spend the evening/afternoon driving a car;
  • wishes to get to know the smaller settlements of the Villány Wine Region, but public transport is not proper;
  • has no time to organise wine tastings;
  • would like to observe within the framework of a visit to the premises/to a cellar, during the presentation of a professional tour guide/ sommelier how and where wine is produced, instead of sitting in a winery in the company of a salesperson;
  • may be a beginner wine taster who needs advice concerning where and what sorts of wine it is worth tasting;
  • or, who is already an experienced wine taster, but now they would like to get to know other, less known wineries, as well;
  •  wishes to hear interesting information about the Villány Wine Region.