During a visit to Villány a wine-tasting in a real cellar is an indispensable programme to which the rustic cellar of our hotel provides a perfect venue. Taste the award-winning wines of Villány of Mokos Winery, one of the most dynamically developing family wineries of the Villány Wine Region! At the wine tasting our winemaker or sommelier presents in person the wines of Villány made by us and stored in the wine safe. We provide cones or homemade pie for the programme. (For the wine tasting you can also ask for craftmade bonbons or homemade cheese produced by us for an extra charge).

If you wish to get more information about the winery, the vineyards, the family, we call your attention to our programme Visiting the Premises of the Mokos Family within the framework of which you can visit our vineyards and our new cellar equipped with the most modern technology and under construction from EU tender sources. Furthermore, you can gain insight into the technology and process of winemaking, and visit our animal farm (with a petting zoo for children, by appointment!) and our fishponds. Book within the framework of our Wine and Wellness or Romantic Weekend Package Offer, and the wine tasting will be provided to you as a free gift!

The programme includes

  • tasting 5 sorts of wine (4 sorts of dry grape wines of Villány, 1 sort of dessert wine);
  • tasting guided by our winemaker/sommelier;
  • snacks (cones or homemade pie) for the wine tasting;
  • lots of interesting information and news about the Villány Wine Region, the technology of winemaking and our wines;
  • a good atmosphere is guaranteed.


This programme is available in any part of the year, it is started with even 2 participants, with respect to how busy our wine grower/sommelier is. Please, write an e-mail (info@hotelcabernet.hu)! English-language wine tastings can also be provided on request in advance.


Price of the programme: 3.900 HUF/person.

Craftmade chocolate tasting (5 pcs) extra charge: 1.000 HUF/person.
Extra charge of cheese tasting: 2.000 HUF/person.

Book  within the framework of our Wine and Wellness or Romantic Weekend Package Offer, and the wine tasting will be given to you as a free gift!

Recommended to

  • if visiting the Villány Wine Region, would like to taste wines inaccessible on the shelves of Auchan;
  • if an expert in wines, would like to meet new characteristics (besides big and famous brands);
  • if not an expert in wines, wishes to become one, and to get to know more about winemaking, the wines of Villány and the wine region;
  • looks for a wine tasting where wines are not only served, but 100 % attention is paid to guests during the tasting;
  • looks for a good programme in good company.