Cellar-row of VillánykövesdExplore the most beautiful cellar-row of the Villány Wine Region! Open cellars on Saturdays!

The cellar-row consisting of 57 closely attached cellars situated on two or three street levels reveals to the traveller even from the distance that they are in a wine region with a long history. The ensemble under monument protection is an unmatched architectural curiosity, special photo subject. From here looking down the 2-hectare park can be seen where children can enjoy the playground.

Discover the most beautiful cellar-row of the Villány Wine Region! As if time had stopped…ancient, cobwebbed cellars, warm-hearted, open wine growers, family legends. Here wines are not made on a production line, and it is no use looking for them on supermarket shelves! Fekete-hegy floating in the fog, timeless peace and a glass of wine. It is worth slowing down a bit in Villánykövesd.

The programme includes

For visiting the cellars of Villánykövesd we recommend our programme called Cellar-visiting Tour of Villánykövesd. You can taste 10 sorts of wine of 3 cellars during the tour for which we provide homemade cones/pie and a tour guide.

The following cellars await you with guaranteed opening hours on Saturdays:

blum_pinceBLUM WINERY
At the Blums’ you can feel as if you were sitting on a hunting stand, drinking a glass of wine and observing the roofs of Villánykövesd and Fekete-hegy sometimes covered with fog.  Labyrinth-like tarnished cellar, hundreds of year-old family tradition and unity, beautiful wines – this is how Blum Winery can be briefly characterised. During a cellar-visit you can taste 13 sorts of wine of the Blums, listen to the interesting stories told by the householder, Blum János himself, and you can admire the peacefulness of the landscape enjoying Swabian meals.
Address: Pincesor 4-5. Web: blumpince.hu

Nadrai Attila, the founder of Na-Ti Winery, is a doubly happy man. He is made happy by each moment he spends in the vineyard, but also by the success of his students, as a Maths and Physics teacher. He regards his father-in-law, Tiffán Imre, as his master, in the company of whom he became an independent winemaker within 20 years. He believes in directness, human measure and ethical sales. He offers his wines made with a traditional process and his other delicacies with a characteristic accent of Zala county. Who looks for the old, classical atmosphere of the monument cellar-row of Villánykövesd will be welcome at Nadrai Attila’s table. Address: Petőfi S. utca 56.

Humanity, humility, creditability. Neumann Béla and his son-in-law, Simon Csaba prune stocks, harvest and press grapes together –  in the same way as their ancestors did. The chronicle of Bible-like length of the Swabian family presents hard-working ancestors. Instead of popular world-famous species they grow typically Hungarian grapes. For their special purple Kadarka guests return even from far away. Their wine tastings amount to an initiation. At the Neumanns’ you can find timeless peace at squared tablecloth and among the bare walls of the cellar. Address: Pincesor 18-19.  Web: www.neumannpince.wordpress.com

Without the Tiffáns it would probably be impossible to write the story of the Villány Wine Region. Tiffán Imre and his son, Tiffán Imre Jr., have transmitted the heritage of the Swabian ancestors in Villánykövesd for decades, keeping the original thought in mind: human measure, traditional grape-growing and sociability. They cultivate the land on 7 hectares, and produce their wines in the tarnished cellars of their ancestors to this day. In their beautiful cellars wine specialities are stored, at their wine tastings Swabian dishes are matched with the original wines of Villány.
Address: Pincesor 13. Web: www.tiffan.hu

One of the gems of the cellar-row of Villánykövesd restored in 2013. Despite his young age, its owner, Láng Zsolt is a mature winemaker. Nem a szavak, hanem a tettek embere He is  a man not of words but of action. He is a perfectionist. He always takes wine seriously. With his brother, Roland, a horticulturist, he transmits the heritage of his Swabian ancestors. Both of them have inborn love and respect for wine and grape. Tasting at their place is a tempting challenge. They produce wine from numerous species, so we can attract the spirit of the place with a multitude of means. Address: Petőfi S. utca 44. Web: www.langpince.hu

The manager of the Borkatedrális Winery, Czigler Adrienn placed wine into the focus of her life progressing on the trace of her father. She brought the most important factors from the heritage of her school and former hinterland, Batthyány Cellar, also known as ″wine cathedral″ into her independent enterprise founded in 2012: the power of family unity, perfectionism and the name with a symbolic power. In the winery almost 50 sorts of wine are produced, so those who like white and dessert wines can also find their favourite one besides the traditional red wines of Villány in their wine shops.
Address: Petőfi S. utca 51-52. Web: www.borkatedralis.hu

Members of the Mokos family have been building their premises based on agriculture, grape-growing and wine-making on the land of their ancestors, in Villánykövesd and Palkonya for three generations, enriching the heritage of the historical landscape. Their trademark is fruitfulness: the main feature of their awarded fruit and grape wines, pálinkas is given by the flavour of fresh fruit ripened on their own lands. Who visits the cellar of the Mokos family in Palkonya gets an experience from the wonderful wine region landscape, the present and traditions of wine-making. The premises adorn the small settlement with an auditorium, as well.

The manager of the winery, Mokos Péter carefully protects the basic values of the winery: personality, directness and human measure.

The wines of the winery can be tasted in Villánykövesd, at Hotel Cabernet Wine Restaurant and at Sárga Ház Borgerező.
Address: 7771, Palkonya, Hegyalja út 1.  Web: www.mokos.hu Tel.: +36-72-200-201

If you would like to visit the cellars at another time, we gladly help you with organising. If you get hungry after drinking wine, drop by Sárga Ház Borgerező in Villánykövesd. You can try insanely good burgers, grilled meals and homemade sausages!


villanykovesd_pincesor_terkepThe Cellars of Villánykövesd (see below) await visitors from April 15 to November 15 on SATURDAYS with guaranteed opening hours, from 14.00 to 20.00. At other dates appointments are required!

Within the framework of opening hours on Saturday you can visit the cellars indicated on the map.

We await you with warm welcome and beautiful wines. Try something you will surely not at home.


The price of the Cellar-visiting tour of Villánykövesd is 4.500 HUF/person. About the price lists of the wineries you can be informed on the spot.

Recommended to


  • wishes to taste wines which they cannot find on the shelves of department stores ;
  • would like to visit cellars where wine is not produced on a production line and the cellar has a friendly atmosphere;
  • would like to experience the authentic Villány wine region feeling,
  • likes sitting on a bench with a glass of wine listening to the chirping of birds, contemplating the view of Fekete-hegy (Black Mountain) sometimes covered with vapour;
  • would try the homemade delicacies of farmers, or eat a burger made from local ingredients between 2 tastings.