Sound therapy meditation

Healing with sounds has a long tradition, and anyone can feel that certain sounds or tunes touch them especially deeply. We heartily present Koshi, an authentic, handmade musical instrument, to everyone interested. It was originally made at the foot of the Pyrenees. The sound of Koshi reminds us of chimes.  The crystallic, relaxing soundscape takes you to the world of wonders.  It fills you up, chills you out, and makes your everyday life more harmonious. Come and try it at Hotel Cabernet!

Thermal Spa Siklós

The thermal spa of Siklós located in a unique natural and historical environment near Siklós Castle can provide lots of experiences. The interior of the spa is extraordinarily imposing, the colourful bastions surrounding the pools symbolise the secure walls of the castle. Inside the bastions various experiences: massage, effervescent bath, Turkish bath and slides await visitors!

Harkány Thermal Spa

Both in winter and summer everyone has the right to relax and cherish themselves after tiring working days. In Harkány Thermal Spa you can not only fill yourself up with energy for the long and dark winter days, but you can also preserve your health thanks to the healing effect of water.